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This project is part of a larger social awareness piece that conveyed a contemporary issue and the severity it could pose. This was accomplished by slightly exaggerating the issue of how society is over-medicating ourselves with vaccines and antibiotics. This in-turn will create a genetic mutation which causes these viruses and bacteria to build up a resistance to any form of medication or drug.

To accomplish this, the project promoted a movie in which these "Super-Bugs" have evolved into monstrous war machines bringing death to the human race. Movie posters, teaser trailer, tickets, and web page were created to embody the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world.

The viewer is recommended to watch the trailer using anaglyphic glasses (red and blue) for the full 3D effect.

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Benches in Nashville

2011 AAF Student Gold Addy winner at National, District, and Regional level in the interactive category.

Have you ever been walking around Nashville and suddenly you became tired and just wanted a place to sit down? Well, just pull up A Field Guide to Benches in Nashville. 13 unique benches in and around the Nashville area were photographed, ranked in 5 categories based upon certain criteria (cleanliness, comfort level, etc), and their locations were plotted onto a slide out map.

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Q Intelligence Division

The best spy service and gadget retail available without government tape or black-market hassle. The objective was to create an unusual profession identity with a website that followed. It incorporates PHP, javascript, and a Wordpress blog.


Jim Zuckerman Photography

World renowned photographer Jim Zuckerman wanted a website that was modern, trendy, and allowed his work to be the focus.


History of Larping

"Larping" or Live Action Role Playing has made it into Hollywood movies such as Role Models and Darkon. I know what your thinking and YES, it is a real thing. Unfortunately, every website that showcases these events are poorly designed and do not embody their passion. This project was to create a digital atmosphere that reflected the passion, history, and enjoyment of every player.

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